In 2020 the Nordic Summer University celebrates its 70 year anniversary. As part of the celebrations, ten researchers have been commissioned to dive into the history, present and future of the Nordic Summer University and its role in the Nordics. This website presents the first results of one of these projects, tracing the conversation

The goal of this project is to see what topics were discussed in these seventy years in the study circles that make up NSU. 

First of all I had to gather the data from the NSU Archive which is held by the Danish National Archive in Copenhagen. Going through 22 meters of material is not easy, as you can read here.

After I had gathered all the data, I asked someone to translate all the names of the study circles into English, starting with the first proposals for study circles in preparation for the meeting in 1950 until the present-day study circles in 2020, and I made a timeline to present all the circles, with some of the pictures I took at the archive. 

But a list of names is not very informative. So I started to organise the data: first to categorise the study circles and then to analyse the results. Some of those findings can be found on this website, for more extensive analysis you will have to wait until the summer session of 2021, when a book with the findings will be presented. 

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